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CatAleah's Takeaway:

"I often use Pangea for my geckos. From my leachies to my cresties, they love it! It is a well-developed formula and has an appealing smell and flavor to most fruit and insect-loving reptiles!"

CatAleah's Takeaway:

"I personally keep a single adult crested gecko in one 12 by 12 by 18 exo terra. These tanks are the perfect size for juvenile to adult crested geckos. I prefer the double exo terra doors as well. They are very sturdy gliding doors that offer ease of access to your animal. I would recommend this terrarium 100%!"

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CatAleah's Takeaway:

"I have kept my sugar gliders in a double critter nation for over 3 years. It has a protective coating to prevent rusting, it is stack-able and interchangeable, and I wouldn't recommend any other cage. This particular one comes with a lot of needed extra supplies and cage parts. <--- Plus, it is on sale!"

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